Hello My name is Tom Pacheco and I am the BBQ Pitmaster at Tom's Smokin' Hot BBQ Pitstop. I have always loved cooking and over the years I have cooked for family and for different people at big events and one of the greatest rewards is when someone genuine loves your food. I enjoy watching hours of Food Network and other food channels, I like to learn new recipes and I get ideas on what to cook for dinner. One Night I was flipping through the channels and came across BBQ Pitmaster with head Judge Myron Mixon. I could not get enough of that show so I bought the same BBQ Smoker that was on the show and I've been smokin' BBQ ever since. Over the years I have traveled all over learning what REAL BBQ was all about. I have taken BBQ classes from Harry Soo and I even traveled up to Georgia to learn from the biggest names in BBQ such as Myron Mixon Himself. 

My Mom got me started Cooking - After she passed I found this old message from her.

I have set up my BBQ booth at some of the biggest events in Southern California and it did not take long for my customers to let me know that my BBQ was some of the best BBQ they ever tasted. One thing about me is I never stop learning and over the years I have improved my BBQ so many times and I will continue to learn and perfect my BBQ Skills! Delicious BBQ just don't happen! It takes many steps and we SKIP NONE of those steps. I enjoy the reactions of my customers and it just motivates me to always improve and learn how to raise the bar even more. I am always developing new BBQ seasonings and new BBQ sauces. I have found a passion for barbecuing. I do believe once you find what you Love to do, Be the Best at doing it! Every Time I fire up my smokers I'm ready to make Delicious BBQ and side dishes. 

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About Us

Besides Cooking I have always been a die-hard Nascar Fan. Back in 2001 I started a Party Planning business and on 2009 I themed my business with Race Cars and named it Ultimate Race Car Parties LLC. Over the years I have been part of hundreds of events all over Southern California. After 15 years of doing parties I decided to learn how to barbecue and I started  BBQ Catering to parties and take my BBQ to events that I have been a part of for years and thats when Tom's Smokin' Hot BBQ Pitstop started.